Palestine squad for AFC challenge cup 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Palestine reached an all-time high position of 115 in the FIFA ranking system in April 2006 after seven years of progression from 191st in August 1999. Following their recognition by FIFA, the team played no official fixtures in the Palestinian Territories due to security concerns until a match on October 26, 2008 against Jordan in the newly renovated Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium in Al-Ram north of Jerusalem, which finished in a 1–1 draw. In recognition of their efforts the Palestinian Football Federation was awarded FIFA's inaugural Development Award.

Preliminary Palestine squad for AFC challenge cup 2012

Saed Abu Saleem (Balata)
Mohammed Shbair (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Toufic Ali (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Fahed Al-Fakhuri (Thaqafi Tulkarem)

Ahmed Harbi (Al-Am'ary)
Khaled Mahdi (Al-Am'ary)
Ahmed Salameh (Al-Amary)
Ahmed Nasasrah (Balata)
Husam Abu Saleh (Hilal Al-Quds)
Haitham Dheeb (Hilal Al-Quds)
Raed Fares (Hilal Al-Quds)
Ra'fit Eyad (Jabal Al-Mukaber)
Nadeem Barghouthi (Shabab Al-Khaleel)

Ismail Amour (Al-Am'ary)
Ma'ly Kawre' (Al-Am'ary)
Suleiman Obeid (Al-Am'ary)
Mahmoud "Al-Koori" Salah (Al-Am'ary)
Abdelhamid Abuhabib (Balata)
Murad Ismail (Hilal Al-Quds)
Musa Abujazr (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Ashraf Nu'man (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Khader Youssef (Tarji Wadi Al-Nes)
Atef Abu Bilal (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)
Ahmed Maher (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)

Khaled Salem (Shabab Al-Dhahrieh)
Fahed Attal (Shabab Al-Khaleel)
Mohammed Jamal (Shabab Al-Khaleel)


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